About Storytelling Macedonia

About the Storytelling Macedonia

Storytelling Macedonia offers consulting, education, communication, and interpretation services focused on the heritage potential – encompassing natural, cultural, and intangible aspects – that is significant for people, local communities, or entire regions. other relevant organizations to enhance their storytelling capabilities and promote the significance of their heritage assets. Our goal is to empower communities and regions to leverage their unique heritage to foster cultural understanding, economic development, and sustainable tourism initiatives.

Are you ready for a heritage experience like no other? My consulting, interpretive training and heritage storytelling with gamified activities or AR/VR expereinces is designed to connect you with the heritage itself, while uncovering its deeper meaning. Join me for a journey that is both fun and insightful, and see how my innovative approach can make history come alive!

The logo

The sight of sunflowers in the fields is a familiar image for anyone driving through Macedonia. With Macedonia enjoying sunshine for 300 days a year, it’s no wonder the sunflower holds a special place in its heart as a longstanding symbol. Much like the sun’s warmth and radiance blessing the land, the sunflower stands tall, symbolizing resilience and vitality amidst Macedonia’s sun-kissed landscapes. The logo of Storytelling Macedonia captures the timeless beauty and resilience that define this remarkable region.

About me

Hey there! I’m Vasilka Dimitrovska, a Master of Science in Archaeology 🏺, heritage consultant📜, cultural manager💼, storyteller✨, content writer📚 and a creative director of HAEMUS. I’ve been an associate of the National Geographic Society since 2011 and I am now legally safeguarding the “Martinki Custom” in UNESCO, thanks to a multinational application. Over the past few years, I have a steadfast role as a permanent heritage consultant at Pivara Skopje AD (Coca Cola HBC & Heineken N.V.), regarding their industrial heritage.

My portfolio is full of different achievements, from organizing scientific conferences and exhibitions to providing consultations and trainings for the management and promotion of heritage in Macedonia and the Balkans. I’ve collaborated with individuals, institutions, and companies from various industries to make heritage accessible to all.

At HAEMUS, I’ve created several programs that left a deep mark on many generations. “Grandma March Day” is a UNESCO-recognized program for nurturing, educating, and promoting the “Martinki Custom”, now part of UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible World Cultural Heritage. For saving this tradition from oblivion I got the award as the “Best European Heritage Story in 2020” by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. “SCUPINI ROMANI” is an educational program that promotes ancient Roman culture and heritage, and “Young Explorer” is an innovative educational platform dedicated to children and youth with its own publishing edition. All three programs interweave heritage interpretation and creative industries, and they’re not just educational and pedagogical but also self-sustaining programs that contribute to the socio-economic development of the local community.

With extensive experience in education, youth services, and working with local communities, I’m committed to preserving and promoting the rich heritage. Let’s connect and explore the fascinating world of heritage together!

Let’s explore the potential of the rich natural and cultural heritage together!

About Storytelling Skopje

While Storytelling Macedonia offers consulting, education, communication, and interpretation, under its umbrella, Storytelling Skopje offers all gamified heritage activities, adventures, and experiences which are focused on the rich heritage of Skopje.

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